Games for PC:

PCHANDBALL 1.3 beta Season 2003/04 One of the best Spanish-language games. They have released several betas, and by all accounts is in progress Part 3 of this great game.
Download: PCHANDBALL 1.0 BETA 1.3 season 2003/04
Handball Challenge Trainingscamp

Handball Challenge Trainingscamp suggests ways and contains good ingredients to become a reference for lovers of handball, that have hitherto been almost no options...
Download: Handball Challenge Trainingscamp Volume 2 Upd 3

IHF Handball Challenge 12 Demo Demo of the popular game developed by Neutron Games handball containing a simulator and limited management options ASOBAL League clubs and the Bundesliga.
Download: IHF Handball Challenge 12 Demo
Handball Manager 2006 Handball Manager was one of the most popular games in the decade of 2000.
It consists of a convoluted management manager clubs major leagues, it also contains a simulated 3D games.
Download: Handball Manager 2006 Demo
League Handball Manager 2006 It was the first game of handball mánafer delivery. and it was in his time free so we could enjoy more than 3000 players from different leagues and divisions.
Download: League Handball Manager 2006
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Futuristic Handball Game. For lovers of handball was first drawn game similar to handball in the history of video games.
Download: Speedball 2 y emulador

Minigames Online handball

Handball Goalkeeper Fritz The mission of this game has to save as many shots. The system will launch 10 shots and utilize the legendary Henning Fritz to save such shots.
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Handball Sweeden Play with the legendary Swedish attack selection. It was the first simulator appeared where we could interact in a field of handball.
Keys: When you see the photo of the Swedish press spacebar (space), and to move and press the spacebar to launch (space).
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ASOBAL Mini-League ASOBAL Mini-League, is the official online manager game of Handball Club Association, a game in which you can create teams, signing players, participate in the General League or private leagues do you participate only a small group of participants .
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VELUX EHF CL Handball Manager VELUX Handball Manager is a fantasy game based on the 2013 VELUX EHF Champions League knockout matches and the VELUX EHF FINAL4 tournament. Create a fantasy "dream team" by choosing 7 players from the real VELUX EHF Champions League clubs. The players in your team will change in value based on how they perform in real life. The team with the highest value at the end wins the game.